Thursday, June 22, 2017

{Fast Review} CIRACLE Pimple Solution CC Powder 16ml (+ Cotton swab 10ea) / Korea Cosmetic

 My skin type: Oily with small bumps
(Example like Miley Cyrus if you zoom in on her skin) ( Zoom in )

★ Climate: Hot Summer 
★ My diet: Balanced Plant base
★ My activity: Exercise daily
★ Sleep hours: 6-8
★ Water intake: When thirsty, roughly 8 cups a day
★ Skin care: Korean products only

Purchest from eBay:

What this product did for me:

★ It works fast.
 Color matches better on the body! Back, chest etc..
★ When I applied it it to my small bumps on the forehead it felt nice, slightly cold. 
★ Small pimples will be gone within a day, bigger 2-3 days

★ The bumps around my nose are my biggest concern, when I applied there I immediately smelled strong medicine like scent, but for me it was OK.
★ It did nothing to some of my bumps around the nose area.
★ The solution covered up the pimple with orange color..Not light skin color as it shown in the picture! since my face skin is much lighter then the rest of my body - It oxides mate orange color on me.   
★ I used my YSL cushion foundation in shade 10 on top but it DIDN'T cover the orange tint. 
★ I used my Big cover concealer bb in shade Sand, and it also didn't cover the orange tint..
★ After using it for only 2 weeks (for small bumps mainly) I noticed that 80% of the bottle was gone! This makes the product extremely expensive for it's size.

Buying Cons:
★ Because the shipping from Korea usually takes a month +, when I first got it I panicked that it won't last for long time ( which is true) and sadly rushed to order another one.

Will work better on a slightly more orange summer tanned face.
I won't order this again, I ordered to try the Mizon Acence Blemish Out Pink instead. and I hope the color will match me better. 

Friday, July 1, 2016

Introduction to Anarchy


What Anarchy Isn't:

"What is Government?"

"Don't lie, Anarchy means chaos! I watched The Purge!"

-Well, you are wrong, watch why:

"What is martial law?"

Are you ready to know the truth?

A message from anonymous:

"What's the solution then?"

 - Real Anarchy
Living in Community - The Movie:

Eco-Village Sustainable Communities:

Living Big In A Tiny House:

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Introduction to money and banking

"Why do I need to know that?" 
"Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it"
We need to learn from our past mistakes, Economy is driving our society and knowledge is power.
You don't need to be a major in economics because this subject is easy and should be taught in elementary schools.
 You should know how to protect yourself and your family before you make big decisions in life.

Everything starts by critical thinking, by questioning everything.
Please visit the previous post:

The history of Money:
This is the most important video you will ever watch about money

"What is inflation and how it affects me?" 

Top 4 Reasons For Deflation - Hidden Secrets Of Money 6

This is 12 yr old Victoria Grant, she knows more about economics than most of us.
In the following video she explains how banks commit fraud:

An Entertaining but hard hitting sight at how the problems we have today are nothing new. Leaders throughout our history have warned us and fought against the current type of the financial system we have today:

"Do you really expect me to watch all of this?? I already know the banks are evil"

Yes, you probably think the banks are evil but you don't know why, or do you think that you can't do anything about it. Well, you are wrong.
If you still think this way, you probably don't care because you are too busy with other distractions. Then why are you even here? 
 If you can't dedicate a couple of hours to educate yourself. Then I this blog is not meant for you.

And finally:


"OK, I had enough of ****! Now I'm mad and I don't know what to do!"

Knowing the truth about the world isn't always easy to process, don't get depressed, educate yourself further in the subjects and spread the word. Show this videos to your family members and closest friends, expect them to have the same misconceptions about economics...
Remember you made it this far and they can make it too :)  

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